Shipping Collectible China, Plates, Dishes, etc.

Can anyone tell me the cheapest and safest way to ship breakable china, plates, dishes, etc.

I have been shipping priority mail, but the cost seems to be high. 

Thanks a bunch,




4 responses to “Shipping Collectible China, Plates, Dishes, etc.

  1. desertsuncollectibles

    Hi Diane,
    I also sell glass and pottery. I ship USPS priority even though at times it does get expensive for my byers. I sometimes have requests for parcel post and I do comply. I double box and pack really well as if I’m shipping overseas to try and ensure that it arrives in one piece. I recently shipped a very large Roseville pottery bowl to CA via parcel post and it took about 3 weeks to arrive, but it did make it without damage.

    I have found that UPS is generally more expensive and some what slower then USPS priority. I have never tried Fedx. which you might check out if it’s available in your area.

  2. Hi Diane

    We ship most china items parcel post because of their weight. Some lighter things go priority.

    On almost all of our listings we offer a choice of
    First Class/Parcel Post/Media Mail (as appropriate for weight and content)
    Priority Mail
    Express Mail


  3. We also offer choices of up to 3 different options.

  4. writetovictoria

    Hi Diane,

    I offer my buyers a choice of Priority Mail or UPS Ground on most fragile/breakable items. My personal preference is UPS Ground, because they seem to be gentler on packages than the postal service. They cost less for most packages, and insurance is included. They also process and pay insurance claims very quickly, without the quibbling and outright rejections that are typical of USPS.

    Several of you mentioned UPS being more expensive than Priority Mail, which surprised me: I ship from California, so Priority packages to the eastern US are pretty pricey, and most of the fragile items I ship are not adequately protected if placed inside a flat rate box.

    Those of you who are paying UPS retail rates might not be aware that PayPal offers discounts of up to 31% off regular UPS rates when you purchase your UPS labels through PayPal’s shipping interface. For more info, and to sign up for the discounted rates, go to:

    One additional advantage of UPS is their free shipping supplies, if used creatively. I mainly use UPS Ground, which requires that I provide my own packaging. But UPS provides FREE packaging (same as USPS) for their expedited services. I always have a supply of the free UPS Tyvek envelopes lined with bubble wrap, which are perfect for wrapping plates, cups, and other items before placing them inside my own box :o)


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